A healthy functioning nervous system is the most important aspect to your health. If the nerve control to your stomach isn’t working, the healthiest, freshest, organic produce you can eat will not be utilised. If the nerve control to your leg muscle isn’t working, you can run, walk, skip and jump to get yourself fit, but eventually that leg will give out on you if that muscle isn’t helped to fully function. Children can spend hours reading with their teachers, parents, grandparents and anyone else, but if their nervous system and brain and not retaining the information or not coordinating the complex eye movements required for reading, it will always be a struggle.
Chiropractic has a unique approach that allows us to make vast changes in the nervous system, improving the function and therefore the patient’s capabilities. While we have been known in the past as ‘bone crunchers’, the spine is merely a way for us to elicit changes, as it is the spine and skull that houses and protects the nervous system and brain.
For more information on my approach to health, please see the article Triad of Health.


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