What type of salt should we be using?

A few months back, I had an email question from a friend regarding salt. I have included the email below and my response.

Pink Salt

Hi Catherine,

I was wondering if you have heard of this salt (see attached page [not included here]). What salt do you use?

Love Lizzy xoxo

Hi Liz!

I haven’t heard of this particular one. But it looks ok.

I use Himalayan sea salt, which I buy in bulk through a co-op. And because I lost my Himalayan Salt at the back of my pantry a while ago, I also bought some Peruvian Pink Salt (mostly because it looks good in the grinder!) Celtic sea salt is another really good alternative.

Salt like anything, should be minimally processed so that it contains a full spectrum of minerals and nutrients that are there naturally in nature. A bit like sugar. It makes it better for you (contributing to more minerals in your diet) and also can help your body process it more effectively. Because unrefined salt (and sugar) is what we’ve been eating for thousands of years, the body recognises it as “food” and knows what to do with it.

So keeping that in mind, table salt or anything really refined and white should be avoided. Once you’ve eaten real salt, the other stuff actually tastes chemical anyway. You also need to be aware of claims of “sea salt” because most likely all salt at some stage came from the sea. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been processed. They also may be treated with “anti-caking agents” to stop it from clumping in the container, which adds more chemicals that don’t need to be there.

Salt can be added in small amounts to any food. A tiny pinch can also be added to your water while exercising as it does contain micronutrients and minerals that may be used up during vigorous exercise.

Thanks for the question! Keep them coming.

Love Catherine xx


Like all foods, the less processed and the more like it’s original form it is, the better it will be. The body recognises food in it’s original form and utilises it best this way. That’s what we’ve been doing for thousands of years.


What kind of salt do you use? Share your comments and experiences below.


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