Part of healthy living is sustainable living. Choosing products that are good for our health should also take into consideration the health of the earth, as everything is fundamentally connected. Choosing products that are…

  • Natural in origin
  • Locally sourced
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Reduce waste…

…shouldn’t be hard. In this day and age there are sustainable alternatives for almost anything.

Small changes such as:

  • Buying your fruit and vegetables locally and taking them home in a re-used cardboard box
  • Swapping disposable nappies for cloth nappies
  • Choosing organic where possible
  • Repairing broken things rather than buying new ones

This division of Santosha aims to educate people on the often unknown effects of products and processes common today, and to give examples of ways you can make your world a little more sustainable and therefore leaving the world a slightly better place for your children and theirs.

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