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Chemicals these days are literally inescapable. They are everywhere and often in products that you wouldn’t expect. Women’s hygiene products are no exception, with tampons and pads containing a multitude of toxic chemicals, which are leached straight into your sensitive bits. Many of the ingredients in these products are bleached A by-product of this bleaching process is dioxin which is a chemical linked with cancer and other nasty conditions.
But there are alternatives. Introducing…
The menstrual cup. Your new best friend.
There are quite a few brands on the market so it is up to you to do the research and choose which one you like. They are generally made from medical grade silicon, comes in different sizes and some also come in different colours.
Reasons to swap to a menstrual cup:
• Better for your body – no toxic chemicals leaching into your lady bits
• Better for the environment – anything reusable is better for the environment. Can you imagine a world full of used tampons and pads? That kind of stuff doesn’t break down easily.
• Better for your bank account – because is reusable, a once off purchase means less $$ spent each month on disposable products
• Better for your time – Cups usually only need to be changed once every 12 hours
More information can be found at these websites:
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