Benefits of Plant Based Eating

The concept of Bio-Individuality is something that is mentioned regularly in my Health Coaching course with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The best example of Bio-Individuality is the difference between one person who thrives on a ‘meat and three veg’ diet with carnivorous cravings and one who thrives on a vegetarian based diet with all protein coming from plant sources. Although there are many ethical reasons behind choosing vegetarianism or veganism, ultimately we need to live according to what is healthiest for our own constitution. Even for those of us who crave chicken or a juicy steak, participating in at least one day a week (for example, “Meatless Monday”) can be beneficial for health as well.

Plant Foods

Here are some benefits of plant based diets:

Less toxicity:

In general, plant based foods have less toxins than their meat counterparts. Meat is notorious for its bacteria and parasites. That’s why you can’t leave your raw chicken on the bench overnight. Lettuce on the other hand may be wilted but perfectly safe to eat.

Toxins also accumulate in fat. This is true for both humans and animals. Therefore animals not raised in chemical free environments will contain more toxins as it is stored in their fat cells.

Better for the planet:

While the impact of animals on the planet is debatable, the benefits of plants on the planet are definite. Consuming more plant based foods means that more plants are grown and therefore it’s better for the earth.


Meat tends to be quite damaging to the hip pocket. Aside from a few expensive luxury foods, simple fruit and vegetables tend to be cheaper, particularly if you buy in season.


Do you have any meat-free days in your household?

Share below your favourite meat-free recipe.

Here’s an easy way to have a filling and delicious meat-free meal: Vegetarian Cold Rolls


About the Author:

Catherine Langford is a socially conscious chiropractor focussed on children and families, a certified NeuroEmotional Technique practitioner, certifed Applied Kinesiologist, Integrative Nutrition health coach, business owner, part-time runner, yogini, health junkie, wannabe chef (cooking enthusiast), wife, daughter, friend and gardener, with a passion for all things natural, healthy and wellness orientated. She believes that all aspects of health must be addressed so we can all reach our full potential. This includes our diet, relationships, career, spirituality and exercise. The health of children, is the future health of the planet. You can follow Catherine's adventures on Instagram (

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