6 Tips for Perfect Posture

Spending time at our computers, looking down onto our smart phones, slumping in front of the TV, not as much time for exercise, it’s no wonder as a population our posture is worsening. Here are 6 tried and tested ways to improve your posture

#1 Adjust the mirrors in your car

When next in you car, sit up straight and put your seat in a comfortable position. Now adjust your mirrors, particularly the rear-vision mirror to suit where you are sitting. Get into the habit of adjusting your posture, not your mirrors.

#2 Stretch your pecs

Rounded shoulders allow gravity to further drag your posture forward. Muscles through your thoracic special spine (middle back) tighten to try to hold your shoulders back and bring you back into balance. Gravity is working against this and pulling the shoulders further forward and down, compounded by the weight of your head pulling forward.

Stretch the pec muscles by bringing your elbows up in line with your shoulders and leaning through a doorway. Do this for 30 seconds twice a day (when you brush your teeth is a good reminder). It will help to open up the chest, lengthen the pecs and reduce tightness through the thoracic spine.

#3 Tuck your bum in

Pelvic postural problems can be related to abdominal muscle weakness. The abdominal muscles weaken, tilting the pelvis and allowing the back muscles to tighten. In a cross over pattern, the gluteus muscles at the back weaken and the hip flexor muscles (connecting your legs to your body) at the front tighten. Tucking your bum in, automatically switches on the abdominal muscles also, which reduces the curve in the lumbar spine.

#4 Learn your ergonomics

Improperly set-up work spaces are a major contributor for postural problems. Particularly for office workers who don’t often take a break. Make sure your desk height, chair height, computer screen and keyboard are all at an optimum position for you. Many workplaces have ergonomic assessment officers that come around once in a while and assist employees with their set-up. Ask at your workplace if this is available.

#5 Get adjusted

Regular chiropractic adjustments help to keep the spine moving and the neurological supply to the muscles so they keep their function and strength. So many patients report that they feel taller after their adjustment, they haven’t grown, they’re just standing taller, straighter and stronger.

Applied Kinesiology and other similar techniques also allow us to assess the muscles, if they are switching on and if they’re not, why not! The abdominal muscles featured in #3 may be dysfunctional due to small intestine issues. The pec muscles from #2 may be tight due to stomach problems. Applied Kinesiology allows us to get to the source of the issue, meaning a quicker and better outcome in the long term.

#6 Reduce your sugar

Postural muscles are slow twitch muscles. They burn energy slowly as they have long, sustained contractions. The best fuel for this type of muscle contraction is fat. At the moment our diets are severely lacking in good fats, but are too high in sugars and carbs. Having this ratio incorrect can cause aching and tiredness in the postural muscles of the spine, leading to slouching and poor posture.

What helps your posture? Do you have any tips and tricks you would like to share with the readers? Comment below.


About the Author:

Catherine Langford is a socially conscious chiropractor focussed on children and families, a certified NeuroEmotional Technique practitioner, certifed Applied Kinesiologist, Integrative Nutrition health coach, business owner, part-time runner, yogini, health junkie, wannabe chef (cooking enthusiast), wife, daughter, friend and gardener, with a passion for all things natural, healthy and wellness orientated. She believes that all aspects of health must be addressed so we can all reach our full potential. This includes our diet, relationships, career, spirituality and exercise. The health of children, is the future health of the planet. You can follow Catherine's adventures on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/catherinesantosha/)

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